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The story of how ultraviolet radiation affects humans and our planet, brought to you by research scientist Dr. Richard McKenzie.

Understand how UV radiation affects your life

I’m Richard McKenzie, an atmospheric research physicist from New Zealand. My involvement with ozone and UV predates the discovery of the Antarctic Ozone Hole and I’ve authored over 150 papers on the subject since my graduation with a D Phil in Atmospheric physics from Oxford. I’ve been closely involved for many years with Assessments on the Science of Ozone Depletion, the Environmental Effects of Ozone Depletion, and its Interaction with Climate Change. I was responsible for NIWA’s radiation program since its inception in 1992. During that time I developed their popular ozone/UV web pages. Since my “retirement” in 2012, I’ve worked on in an emeritus capacity and, until recently, continued to organise NIWA UV Workshops. My friend Jerry Burke and I have developed free smartphone apps like uv2Day, GlobalUV, and most recently UVNZ. These all provide UV information to minimise public risk from UV exposure. I’ve also been a UV consultant through my company Top House Ltd, with clients including New Zealand Government Departments and L’Oreal Paris. I’m past associate editor for Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences.

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